Silent Resilient

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Mindfulness speaking. When the mental hurricane comes, when you’re met with obstacles you think you can’t conquer. When you’re pursuing something big and important but find yourself in time when everything feels just out of the reach.

Be silent, stay silent and just relax. Stop for a moment, sit in silence and be just present. Focus on the breath, focus on the moment. In the moment of weakness, it’s important to re-affirm yourself that this too shall pass. Plant the seeds of positive thoughts in your mind. Have a silent conversation with yourself, focus on the positive outcome of a hard situation you’re facing. Be silent, but be resilient.

You have come a long way to the place you’re at and it might be the time when you need to take it easy on yourself and slow down for a moment. There is a journey you must follow, so stay resilient as you have been in the past. Everything is going to be just fine. Believe it, live it and accept it.

This t-shirt is to promote mindfulness, spirituality and to help you to stay focused, to remind yourself that in good and in bad times, one must be resilient. Be resilient for yourself, but also for the close ones, for your family and friends. Shine an example on them.

T-shirt is available in different styles and colors. Also on hoodies, tank tops and long sleeves (and popular cloth face masks) for women and men. Click “Buy T-Shirt” button to check all available options and to save $2.00 on the purchase. (orders are fulfilled through Teespring).

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