Beautiful California T-Shirts for Men & Women in Love with The Bear Flag Republic

Love California Republic T-Shirt

The United States of America has 50 states and the most popular state is California, The Golden State which is loved by many Americans, but also so many foreigners. Here I’m going to share with you some of the most beautiful California t-shirts. This “Bear Flag Republic”, as it was once called is well known for its beaches, great wine and many more things.

Here you will find 25 beautiful t-shirts for men and women that love California, no matter if you’re California native, you made it your home at some point in life, love California for its music (famous Hotel California song by the Eagles) or maybe you just love the Malibu Beach.

You will find a t-shirt for you to wear each and every single day, showing your love to the “Bear Flag Republic”, as now California is a state, but the Bear Flag is still an official flag for the state.

“California Republic”: Beautiful Tops for People That Love This State

Let’s go straight to the point and go through each beautiful t-shirt that speaks about California love, most of them are suitable for men and women but also for kids and babies.

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Love California Republic T-Shirt

Love California Republic
That’s maybe my favorite California t-shirt. Expressing love to the state, incorporating California’s Republic Bear Flag and it’s simply a lovely one. It’s available in different styles for men and women in black t-shirt color.

California Love T-Shirt

California Love
There is a lot of beauty in the simplicity of this t-shirt. A California state map and the love to the state. Available in styles for men and women, on few different colors – black, grey and for women a pink color is very beautiful.

State of California: Born & Raised T-Shirt

State of California: Born & Raised
With a small California Republic Bear Flag, for a person born and raised in California, a native person from this wonderful state. This lovely design is available in different colors for men and women, not only on t-shirts but also on hoodies, long-sleeves, tank tops and sweatshirts.

Native California Roots T-shirt

California Roots
For a native person to California, someone who’s roots are in this state. Very simple, yet very cute design. Available in different colors on t-shirts for women and men, but also hoodies.

California Republic Bear T-Shirt

California Republic
A California Bear on a purple t-shirt for men and also on Unisex t-shirts that are designed for both, men and women. A traditional bear from the state in a single color so it’s blending with the outfit. I really like the way it looks.

California Bear T-Shirt

California Bear
I love the simplicity of this t-shirt and how well it describes California. If you’re looking for a bear shirt, this one might be the one. Available in different dark colors on sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops and long sleeves.

California Dog Lover T-Shirt

Dog Lover from California
If you love dogs like noone else and California blood is running through your veins, this t-shirt is perfect for you. Available on t-shirts, v-necks and long sleeves in different colors on apparel for men and women. Here you can see more t-shirts for dog lovers.

California Venice T-Shirt

Venice Beach in California T-Shirt
If you enjoy Venice Beach like nothing else in California and you feel it’s your home, this t-shirt might be a perfect one to express your feelings. Available in many different colors and products, also on Baby Onesies, a perfect gift for a Venice newborn!

California Vintage Beach T-Shirt

Vintange California Tee
Very nice vintage design, perfect for men and women that love retro style shirts. Available on t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops and long sleeves.

Hotel California T-Shirt

Hotel California
Hotel California, such a lovely place, a t-shirt for those who love this famous hit. Very nice t-shirt, perfect for someone who loves The Bear Flag Republic. Available on t-shirts and hoodies mainly in bright colors.

California Republic Tee

California Republic
Perfect t-shirt for a Native person who grew up and has respect to the history of the state. Available in different colors, purple looks just great!

California Republic Surfing Bear T-Shirt

California Republic Surfing Bear
Quite simple, but so beautiful surfing bear. You don’t even have to be a surfer to wear this one. Available in couple different colors on tees, sweatshirts, tank tops, long sleeves and hoodies.

Native from Napa California t-shirt

Napa: It’s where my story begins…
This t-shirt it’s more local oriented, created for Napa Valley natives, and they should wear this beautiful design with pride. This t-shirt is offered in many different colors and also on hoodies.

Never Underestimate a Spardian from California tee

Never Underestimate the Power of a Spaniard Who Lives in California
A perfect t-shirt for a Spanish descentant who lives in California and is proud of his/her roots. Available in many different colors on t-shirts and hoodies.

Beer Me Tee

Beer Me
A retro style t-shirt perfect for a lazy day at the beach or simply, beer drinking! Available in many different colors and also on tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies.

Malibu California Tee

Malibu California
A t-shirt for a surfrider who loves the waves in Malibu. Available in different colors on tees, long-sleeves, hoodles, sweatshirts and tank tops.

California Malibu Beach Tank Top

California Malibu Beach Tank Top
For a change, here we have a tank top but also covering Malibu Beach, very cute, single color design for women enjoying the paradise. Also available on tees if that’s what you’re looking for.

Ja Jolla Cove California Tee

Ja Jolla Cove California
Do you love Ja Jolla Cove? Maybe you want a t-shirt to express that? Also, perfect as a gift for Ja Jolla Cove resident.

Los Angeles Beach Surfing Camp Tee

Los Angeles Beach Surfing Camp
Los Angeles could not be forgotten! It’s an important city in California, beloved by many and this one is for surfers that have Los Angeles deep in their hearts. Available on tees but also on tank tops.

San Diego Skateboard Lifestyle T-Shirt

San Diego Skateboard Lifestyle
We covered some surfing t-shirts, so it’s time for a very nice t-shirt for skateboarders from San Diego, perfect as a gift for someone who loves skateboarding. Available on tees in different colors, but also on hoodies, tank tops, long sleeves and sweatshirts.

Straight Outta California T-Shirts

Straight Outta California
Something for a gangster from California, a classic well known design made for Californians. It’s available on tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, v-necks, tank tops and also on Baby Onesies – perfect gift for a California newborn!

San Jose Tee

San Jose
San Jose, very vibrant city so it is this design, colorful and full of energy. Get it on tank tops, hoodies, v-necks, sweatshirts, long sleeves and of course on t-shirts.

California Dreamin' Tee

California Dreamin’
The song “California Dreamin'” was a huge hit, and since then even more people started dreaming about life on the West Coast of United States. Available in many different colors on t-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts and tank tops.

California Beach Surf Rider Shirt

California Beach Surf Rider
Another surfing tee, cause we must agree – California is famous for surfing. Grab this one if you’re surf rider, or you know someone perfect to receive this t-shirt as a gift.

Speed King: California Biker Tee

Speed King
If you can’t wait to get on your bike and ride, ride and ride. For a biker, king of speed from California. Available on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops and long sleeves.

Waverider Champion

Waverider Champion
If you’re all about riding waves and feel like a champion when doing what you love, this surfing t-shirt is for you.

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