Interesting Facts About Dogs & Funny Dog T-Shirts for People!

Love Dogs?

There are many good people in the world and we certainly love dogs the most from all of them!

Hopefully funny, and not offensive to anybody out there. But if you think about it, aren’t dogs like humans? Just admit to it in 5% and I’m happy. I’m quite sure though, that there is a lot for us to learn from dogs. You need to give me more than 10% on that one.

Here I’m going to share with dog t-shirts… for people (“cause every dog deserves a parent wearing dog t-shirt”). T-shirts for dog parents, people that rescue dogs (you’re awesome guys!) but also for dog lovers that wish to have a dog.

But before I share with you t-shirts for dog parents, I’m gonna share with you some interesting things about dogs…

Love Dogs? Beautiful puppy

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Interesting Facts About Dogs

Having a dog is like having a baby, but having a human baby with a doggy sibling – priceless!

Is there more I must say that dogs can be really best friends for families?

Let’s have a laugh and check this funny dog video…

Funny T-Shirts for Dog Parents & Lovers

There are many beautiful t-shirts out there for dog parents, here are the best t-shirts for dog parents, wonderful people that rescue dogs and kids and adults that wish to own a puppy. Great for gifts!

Big Dogs Give Better Cuddles T-Shirt

Big Dogs Give Better Cuddles
For owners of bigger dogs, beautiful t-shirt… so “cutish”. Available in women and men style.

Drink Coffee & Rescue Dogs Navy T-Shirt

I Just Want to Drink Coffee and Rescue Dogs
Another one of the “cute” ones, suitable for men and women with young spirit. I would say it’s best for young adults that don’t feel like growing up. Available on t-shirts and hoodies, but personally t-shirts look much better to me. Find it in several different colors and not only blue does look good!

Dalmatian Dog Grey T-Shirt

Dalmatian Dog T-Shirt
Beautiful drawing of a Dalmatian dog. Very simple but a perfect t-shirt for dog lover.

Dogs Deserve So Much T-Shirt

Dogs Ask for so Little and Deserve so Much
Isn’t that true? Cute t-shirt to share some dogs love available in couple different colors.

Dogs Are Like Potato Chips T-Shirt

Dogs Are Like Potato Chips…
… cause it’s hard to have just one! So true!

Everything I Know I Learned from Dogs T-Shirt

Everything I Know I Learned from Dogs
Funny, humorous? Certainly! But when it comes to unconditional love, dogs are amazing teachers!

Got Dogs? T-Shirt

Got Dogs?
Looking for a dog walking friend? Or somebody with a dog so you can pet him all day long? This t-shirt can help you will more than that…

I Rescue Dogs, What's Your Superpower? T-Shirt

I Rescue Dogs : What’s Your Superpower T-Shirt
I really like the simplicity and beauty in this design and it’s about rescue dogs – aren’t people who rescue dogs are the best most loving, kind people? I often believe so. Rescue dogs owners, you’re doing a great job! It’s available in couple different colors, but white certainly stands out from the crowd!

My Dog is My Valentine T-Shirt

My Dog is My Valentine T-Shirt
That’s the t-shirt you might want to get for your daughter for Valentines Day. It’s a cute t-shirt for kids and they will feel the love!

All I Want is to Pet All of the Dogs T-Shirt

All I Want is to Pet All of the Dogs T-Shirt
Seems like a great t-shirt for kids, but I want to believe there is many adults who will want to wear it, cause you would just look great in it! Your kids certainly would love it and it’s a love teaching t-shirt!

Rescued Dogs Make People Better T-Shirt

Rescued Dogs Make People Better
Totally agree with the t-shirt saying. Rescued dogs make people better and it also feels with rainbows the life of the dog.

The Beagles T-Shirt

The Beagles
The Beagles or the Beatles? If you’re fun of both you may find this suitable for you. I like the designer idea behind it!

There are Always Dogs T-Shirt

There are Always Dogs
For adults and especially kids that love dog t-shirts with sayings.

Time With Dogs is Never Wasted T-Shirt

Time with Dogs is Never Wasted
A t-shirt for people that value time spent with their dogs.

Yoga, Tea & Dogs T-Shirt

Yoga, Tea & Dogs!
I love all of those things, yoga, tea and dogs. Do you feel the same? Wear it and show it!

Tea, Rescue Dogs & Naps Sweatshirt

Drink Tea, Rescue Dogs & Take Naps
Simple sweatshirt with saying, cause you need a sweatshirt while you’re walking your dog in the evening. Want it on t-shirt or long-sleeve? This design is available on many different products and should be able to find the one for you.

That’s it! Hopefully, you enjoyed few interesting facts about dogs, a funny video which should make many people laugh and some unique t-shirt designs for dog owners. Check t-shirts for dog lovers collection, where you will find more t-shirts for you, your family or for a friend as a gift!

Here you have two images created for Pinterest. Each image has two t-shirts, which one you’re going to share with your friends on Pinterest?

Beautiful t-shirts for dog owners and lovers.

Beautiful t-shirts for rescue dog owners. Beautiful gifts.

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