T-Shirts for Book Lovers : Perfect Gift Ideas for Beloved Bookworm

I Lived in Books More than I Lived Anywhere Else

To find a perfect gift for a book lover can be challenging. First, you may not know what the heck bookworms like, but once you look for gift ideas for book lovers on the internet, you may become overwhelmed with so many great options.

However, I think one of the best gifts for book lovers that are also super affordable and perfect for any occasion (birthday, Christmas or even Valentines) are t-shirts. We all wear them, and certainly, a t-shirt received by a bookworm might be highly appreciated.

Here I’m going to share with you some beautiful designs, some of them are super funny, another more serious while some also mention about the love for cats, dogs or coffee addiction which book readers often share and they are more personalized.

I didn’t forget to share a t-shirt for a librarian or book writer, cause people that love books they often are librarians or write books themselves. Certainly, a t-shirt for them will bring special meaning, they will feel your support and appreciation for what they are doing.

T-Shirts Book Lovers Will Appreciate

Book lovers never go to bed alone, most probably that’s true in many situations, let’s check t-shirts that people who enjoy reading can wear elsewhere, not exactly to bed.

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Serious & a Bit Sarcastic Choices

We Lose Ourselves in Books T-Shirt

We Lose Ourselves in Books. We find Ourselves There, Too

I love the saying on this t-shirt. So true. I believe another bookworm will feel the same.

It’s available for women and men on t-shirts in different colors but also on hoodies.

Life is Better with a Book

Life is Better with a Book

A t-shirt with a simple and straightforward saying on it. Perfect for someone who loves simplicity.

Available on white and grey t-shirts.

I Lived in Books More than I Lived Anywhere Else

I Lived in Books More than I Lived Anywhere Else
A beautiful t-shirt any book lover would love. Perfect quite for anyone, but it feels like a perfect choice for introverts.

Available on t-shirts and hoodies in black color.

Enjoy Reading T-Shirt

I Don’t Always Enjoy Reading Books. Oh Wait, Yes I Do.
A bit sarcastic but certainly super cute. Certainly, more suitable for women than men.

Available in different colors on t-shirts and hoodies, but I really like this purple one.

The Book Was Better

The Book Was Better
This is for women and men that usually think that the book was simply better than the movie that was an adaptation of the book. Some of us tend to always prefer books, no matter how good the movie was. Sometimes the movie is simply crap! You will know if this t-shirt is good for a present for someone you love, I certainly like the simplicity of it.

It’s available in many colors and also on hoodies when the days are colder!

Comic Books Tee

Comic Books
Some of us prefer comic books. But comic books are often the first step to become a book addict. I remember myself when I was young and couldn’t wait for another book of Donald Duck to be released. Oh well, I still love comic books but do not read them that often anymore.

A perfect t-shirt for a teenager, but an adult as well. Available in different colors but I like the grey one the most. You will find it on hoodies too!

When Readers Also Share Coffee Addiction and Love for Dogs & Cats

Here we have some more personalized t-shirts for book lovers. Designed for those who love their cats and dogs and often enjoy a book with a cup of their favorite coffee, a perfect combination!

All I Need is Books & Cats Tee

All I Need is Books and Cats
Do I need to describe this t-shirt? Certainly a beautiful one, for any cat lover, even a lion will do.

Available in so many colors, it’s hard to count! Also on hoodies!

Books. Cats. Life is Sweet Tee

Books. Cats. Life is Sweet!
We started with cats, so we will continue with cats and books of course. Cause as it says, books and cats make the life sweet! Beautiful t-shirt for women, hmm to wear on a lazy day? So you can lay down of someone for who this t-shirt is a gift?

Available only on purple color, but indeed, it’s a beautiful color.

Books. Coffee. Cats. T-Shirt

If It Involves Books, Coffee and Cats. Count Me In!
Here we have it! Three things in one. We are continuing with t-shirts for books and cats lover, but we are adding a coffee to the combo, and it’s a great one!

Available in many colors on t-shirts but also on hoodies.

Addicted to Books & Coffee Tee

Addicted to Books & Coffee
This one is simple, cute yet, simple! When you need a caffeine and a book to make a perfect day.

Available in many colors and also on hoodies, however on t-shirts it looks the best.

I Live for Books & Coffee Tee

I Live for Books and Coffee
A perfect gift for an extreme book and coffee addict. Someone, whose life was dedicated to going through pages, while caffeine runs through the veins.

Check more t-shirts for people with serious coffee addiction, just in case.

Books & Dogs Tee

All You Really Need Are Books & Dogs
No! I did not forget about dogs, and here is a very cute design for book lover who also loves the humans best friend – a dog!

Available in different colors for women and men. Also, on hoodies!

Also check more t-shirts that talk about love for dogs.

One Extremely Funny Gift

Some of the previous t-shirts have some humor in them, however, this one is on another level. If you don’t take life seriously and like to joke most of the time you can grab it for yourself. When it comes to presents, it’s something that will make a book lover laugh and hopefully, also he/she will feel happy to receive it.

Funny Book Lover T-Shirt

When I Think About Books. I Touch Myself
It’s certainly for bookworms over 19 years old! A gift with a great sense of humor behind it. If you have a distance to life, you may love it!

Available in different colors as well.

Something for a Librarian

Many tees discussed, are perfect for librarians as well. But this one was created especially with them in mind.

Awesome Librarian Tee

T-Shirt for an Awesome Librarian
I don’t think it’s important to mention that librarians are often the biggest book lovers. As a gift, this one is a heartwarming one, will be appreciated when received.

One for the Writers

Writers were readers before, and they still do read a lot. Thanks to writers though, all of us bookworms have something to read. Here I share a t-shirt perfect for your beloved one who’s a writer or is a writer on the making. Or just grab it for yourself, or someone whose writing you highly appreciate.

Book Writer T-Shirt

I Write, What’s Your Superpower?
A gift for the best book writer out there. Something, what should be worn proudly.

Available in many colors and also on hoodies.

Check also one more design for book lovers that love reading on the beach.


That’s it! We got to the end of the t-shirts for book lovers. I believe now you have some good ideas and options for a gift, no matter if it’s for a birthday, Christmas or no special occasion. Remember, t-shirts are often perfect gifts for those close to us, who have everything in life, cause they can warm up hearts of your loved ones, and it’s a cheap way to do so!

Here you have two pins you can share or save for later. Choose your favorite one so I will know which are more popular shirts!

T-Shirts - Gift Ideas for Book Lovers
T-Shirts - Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

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