Ugly Christmas Sweater Style T-Shirts & Sweatshirts for Men & Women

Ugly Christmas Sweater Style T-Shirts and Sweatshirts for men and women

Christmas season is great for many reasons and Ugly Christmas Sweater style outfits are one of them! We love old fashioned, Ugly Christmas Sweaters – a cute one, ugly ones that supposed be charming, tacky and just so ugly that they in the ugliest Christmas sweaters contests.

Here I’m sharing some Ugly Christmas Style t-shirts and sweatshirts with digital “stitches” print. We have designed them so you can wear them casually during Christmas, for family dinners and long-awaited Christmas parties!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Style T-Shirts and Sweatshirts for men and women

Let’s check what we’ve got here for adults this year…

Wanted: Not Dead, Alive

Wanted Ugly Christmas Style T-Shirt Texas Colors
available on t-shirts and long-sleeves for men and women.

It comes in colors of Texas, and it relates to the “Wanted: Dead or Alive” but it’s to make you! the most wanted person during Christmas, great for Texans but not only, if you’re about wild, wild west then you may like it.

Here is where the coupons are: Wanted, Texas Style Ugly Christmas T-Shirt.

Meet the Penguins

4 Lovely Penguins Cute Ugly Christmas Sweater Style T-Shirt
available on crew neck and slouchy sweatshirts, t-shirts and long sleeves, for women and men.

Can you believe that we even named them? I mean all those beautiful penguins.

Check their names: Penguins, Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts.

Merry Ugly Xmas

Merry Ugly Christmas : Ugly Christmas Sweater Style T-Shirt
available on sweathirts, long-sleeves and t-shirt for men and women.

You may have noticed already, it’s another design with penguins. Do not be surprised if you see more coming. Penguins are just amazing!

Get coupons if you want to order it here: Merry Ugly Xmas T-Shirts & Sweatshirts.

Matching Ugly Christmas Sweater Style Gifts for Grandparents

Ugly Christmas sweater style products are perfect for gifts and this year we created two matching designs for our lovely grandparents. Grandparents are simply the best and they deserve a fabulous gift for Christmas and what’s more fabulous than “This Grandma is Fabulous” and “This Grandpa is Fabulous too!” t-shirts or sweatshirts? That’s our gift idea for Christmas.

This Grandma is Fabulous

This Grandma is Fabulous Perfect Gift for Grandmas
available on sweatshirts, long-sleeves and t-shirts for grandmas!

To make your grandma feel comfortable and loved during Christmas. Created for best grandmas, ever!

You can check our blog post about grandma and grandpa Christmas gift ideas and that’s where you will find coupons so you can save 10% on the entire order!

This Grandpa is Fabulous too!

This Grandpa is Fabulous Too : Christmas Grandpa T-Shirt
available on sweatshirts, long-sleeves and t-shirts for grandpas!

Here comes a matching t-shirt for your grandpa so you can make a really cute couple out of your grandparents.

If you’re looking for same design, just without the “too!” in the saying, we have it for your as well and you can find it here: This Grandpa is Fabulous t-shirt.

Merry Texmas Y’All Texans!

Merry Texmas Y'all T-Shirt
available on t-shirts, long-sleeves for men and women but also coffee mugs and tote bags!

Howdy y’all! There are many great people celebrating Christmas in Texas and in this year I have decided to give them cool Ugly Christmas t-shirt to wear.

You also can use our coupon provided here: Merry Texmas Y’all Christmas t-shirts.

Trumpet this Party!

Trumpet This Party Ugly Christmas Sweater Style T-Shirt
available on t-shirts, sweatshirts and long-sleeves for men and women.

Musicians and especially trumpet players may be interested in this Ugly Christmas t-shirt or sweatshirt. If you’re thinking it’s a political design, treat it like that if it serves your needs. Expect a lot of compliments!

If you want to trumpet this party, you can do it with a coupon!: Trumpet This Party T-Shirt.

Wolf-y, Wild Xmas

Wild Xmas Ugly Christmas Sweater Style Black T-Shirt
available on long-sleeves, sweatshirt and t-shirts for women and men.

This Ugly Christmas sweater style design was created for people that love adventures, wild animals and do not feel like spending holidays in one of the Christmas-y outfits. Great one for Christmas parties.

If you want to get it, get it with a coupon!: Wolf-y, Wild Xmas t-shirts & sweatshirts.

Let us know what you think about our designs and if possible, don’t forget to share it!

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