Funny Fitness T-Shirts for Your Next Workout

100 funny fitness t-shirts

You are most probably super fit, healthy and have no time to read this cause you’re in between sets in your workout or something like that.

Yeah, right.

I think that you are here, because you’re simply lazy today and checking cool fitness t-shirt sounds better than heading to the gym.

Everybody feels like that once i a while, just cheer yourself up with a t-shirt.

Here it comes, a great collection of 100 funny fitness t-shirts for gym workout or something more outdoorsy.

You can also wear them on the lazy days and you will still look like you just came from the gym.

These t-shirts will make you laugh, the other will motivate you to workout, while other have just great sayings you want to wear.

Let’s end this boring talk and head straight to the collections!

100 funny fitness t-shirts

What You’re Going to Wear for the Next Workout?

Here is a list of sections, so you can jump straight to t-shirts of your interest, or just scroll down and enjoy them all, that’s what I would recommend doing.

  1. Workout
  2. Cycling
  3. Yoga
  4. Running
  5. Tennis

Note: Links in this post are affiliate links, it means that I may receive money if you end up buying one of the shirts within the post.

Funny Workout T Shirts

T-Shirts for Gym Workout

We have to start somewhere and a great place to start is to give you these beautiful tees to motivate you, so you can give this 110% and maybe even double your workout, but I do not actually think you can make it ;)… can you? Guys, there is going to be many, many and many beautiful t-shirts here.

Exercise Some Motivation Required Tee

Exercise, some motivation required, but hopefully it won’t happen to you in real life.
Here is where you can get this tee: Exercise, some motivation required.

Pain is weakness leaving the body tee

Shirt available for men and women, same as the previous one, Pain is weakness leaving the body will help you push through those repetitions, sets and days to make you a stronger and better version of yourself.
Buy T-Shirt Here: Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body Tee.

Unathletic Dept Tee

This gym t-shirt, or maybe I should say expressing the lack of gym is a great fit for humble lifters, so humble yourself and hide your beautiful body behind this tee. Sorry ladies, this t-shirt is only in male version, if you care, cause we all ladies look great in men’s tees.
Get this tee here: Unathletic Dept Shirt.

Shut up and Squat tee

Beautiful graphic but plain and simple message, just Shut Up and Squat, this shirt with saying is available in men and women styles.
Get yours here: Shut up & Squat Shirt.

Beast T-shirt

We are just starting here and you thought we forgot about gym beasts. Are you one? If so, here is a great one for men and women gym beasts.
Buy it: Beast T-Shirt.

George Washinguns Tee

Sorry ladies, this one is not for you, unless like before you don’t mind a men’s fit, and I guess I wouldn’t mind cause this is a certainly one of the funniest workout shirts I could find. George Washinguns is available in few different beautiful colors, but some are a bit off, just check it.
Buy one: George Washinguns Shirt.

Don't Quit Tee

Get your extra workout motivation, Don’t Quit, or should it be, Do it and don’t quit. Don’t think too much about it and just maybe do it! Women as well as men can get it in own style.
Buy this one: Don’t Quit Shirt.

Excuses Don't Burn Calories Tee

Reality can be sad sometimes! Excuses don’t burn calories so you better just stop whining and go workout a little, at least in this t-shirt you will look like you push hard. On the positive note, this gym shirt is available for men and women.
Get yours here: Excuses Don’t Burn Calories T-Shirt.

Gorilla Bodybuilder T-Shirt

Should we say this tee is for animal lovers? So it might be also a good fit for vegan, but what do I know… I know only that if you have those big, chunky muscles you certainly deserve to wear it. It’s another t-shirt for gym beast! (men and women!)
Can be bought here: Gorilla Beast Shirt.

Kettlebell Hero

If you were growing up on all beautiful superhero stories, you might be the one that qualifies for a copy of a Kettlebell Hero shirt. Some prefer kettlebells, and you know if you are the one! Kettlebell hero knows he is a kettlebell hero. For male and female heroes.
Buy Shirt: Kettlebell Hero Tee.

Iron University T-Shirt

With this t-shirt you don’t actually have to go to University to be in University. Kind of contradiction, but it happens in life. Be part of Iron University, bodybuilding shirt for men and women.
Buy Shirt: Iron University Tee.

Tonight We Train in Hell Shirt

The only question you should ask here is – Is this t-shirt for Monday or Friday workout?

It’s for Friday workout, certainly for Friday. If a woman doesn’t feel like wearing a male portrait on a tee, you can get one too. Cause Tonight we train in hell shirt goes with male and female cut.
Buy it: Tonight We Train in Hell Tee.

Less Talk More Lift Shirt

Going to gym in a group, or going to gym where too many buddies like to talk, can be a disaster, however if there is a problem there is always a solution. We come here with Less Talk More Lift shirt as a humble reminder to focus the energy not on the talking but working out. I hope it works out! For women and men, those who prefer t-shirts with sayings.
Buy it: Less Talk More Lift.

Suck It Up Buttercup Tee

If your ego is whining inside about working out today, ohh, just Suck It Up Buttercup. You learn the most on those days. This one is for both, men and women, also like some of the previous ones, you can get it as a hoodie!

Get one: Suck It Up Buttercup Shirt.

My Gym Shirt

The last in that section, simple meant for humble bodybuilders, My Gym Shirt. If you wear it nobody will know where you’re going. I certainly would wear it not to gym.
Buy here: My Gym Shirt.

Do you bike? Funny Cycling Shirts

It’s a wonderful section, for lovers of 2 tires, sometimes 4. If you are the one who always bikes around town, no matter if it’s sunny or rainy… It actually doesn’t even matter if you have a bike or not, it’s not just about being a cyclist who wears a cool t-shirt but more about promoting biking culture in your city. Trust me if you wish.

Cycling Freedom Tee

This is one of those t-shirts to show your love for cycling and the freedom it brings but it also encourages other folks to follow. Cycling culture! Available in men and women cut.
Buy here: Cycling Freedom Shirt.

Conquer the Hill Shirt

Beautiful design, vintage style t-shirt for male and female cyclists, that not only love to Conquer the Hill, but also want to wear a t-shirt that talks about it. Vintage is beautiful.
Buy one: Conquer the Hill Shirt.

Cycling in my heartbeat tee

Very simple, graphic based t-shirt, stating that Cycling is in my heartbeat. Do you agree? If so…
Get one here: Cycling in my heartbeat shirt.

Enjoy the ride Shirt

Available only for ladies, and is there any woman who wouldn’t love to have this Enjoy the Ride shirt?
Buy here: Enjoy the Ride Ladies Shirt.

Go Out Burn Fats not Oil Shirt

Great t-shirt to promote clean environment by being more bike active, not car active. Go Out, Burn fats not oil is available for men and women style.
Buy one here: Go Out, Burn fats not oil.

Bike Like a Girl tee

This cycling t-shirt is available in styles for men and women, however I would recommend it just for women, maybe you will agree with me. It’s certainly wonderful t-shirt, for a cyclist who likes some competition, and healthy competition is really a healthy competition.
Buy Shirt: Bike Like a Girl Shirt.

This One Runs on Fat Shirt

Another great choice for people that want to promote more bike lanes, biking lifestyle and cleaner planet, saving money and burning fat.
Buy here: This One Runs on Fat and Saves You Money, This One Runs on Money and Makes You Fat Shirt.

I Cycle to Burn Off the Crazy Shirt

How do you deal with your crazyness? Some chose it wisely and they Cycle to Burn off the Crazy. I recommend that way as well.
Buy one here: I Cycle to Burn Off the Crazy Shirt.

Smiling Bicycle Shirt

Very simple design, of a Smiling Bicycle. If you like simplicity and bicycles make you smile, that’s the one you might want to have. Available in many colors.
Buy here: Smiling Bicycle Shirt.

I want to ride my bicycle shirt

I want to ride my bicycle, this design makes me want to sing. Beautiful colorful design for bicycle riders. It’s lovely, isn’t it?
Grab one here: I want to ride my bicycle tee.

Keep Calm and Cycle On Shirt

Keep Calm and Cycle on can be called one of the classic shirts. Keep calm shirts are very popular and here is a great version for cyclists.
Buy here: Keep Calm and Cycle On Tee Shirt.

T-Shirts for Yoga Lovers

Yoga can do a lot good to your mind, body and soul that’s why I think it’s important to include them in our funny t-shirts collection. Western world included yoga in gym routines and we also have included here some funny yoga t-shirts to make it a nice selection.

Inhale & Exhale T-Shirt

Inhale & Exhale, the most important things in yoga practice, to keep breathing. On this t-shirt it has been transformed to something funny, but cute and I love it.
Buy T-Shirt: Inhale & Exhale Shirt.

Namastay in Bed Tee

Namastay in Bed, quite popular design and understandable why. Clean, funny and super yoga oriented… if not for yoga practice it’s a great tee for those lazy days.
Buy here: Namastay in Bed Shirt.

Yoga Om Shirt

Sorry boys, this wonderful Yoga Om t-shirt is only available for ladies, unless you want a hoodie which is available for both. It’s my first choice if I would be getting a yoga shirt.
Buy here: Yoga Om Shirt.

I do Yoga to burn off the crazy t-shirt

Some people bike, some people run and some people do yoga to burn off the crazy. You can also do all of those to deal with your craziness, however yoga is our preferred way to balance mind, body and soul, same time working on our craziness. It’s available in male and female cut, however because of the lady on the t-shirt, we would recommend this one strictly to “crazy” ladies.
Get one: I Do Yoga to Burn Off the Crazy Shirt.

Bulldog Yoga Shirt

If there is a t-shirt that is going to be a long time bestseller, that might be the one! Bulldog Yoga Shirt is certainly super cute, very funny and also can be worn not only to yoga practice, not only to walk your dog but it could do well on a date as well.
Buy it: Bulldog Yoga Shirt.

Om Crown Chakra Shirt

Beautiful t-shirt for a yogini, Om Crown Chakra Shirt, cause we all know that Om is a universal mantra and it directly relates to your crown chakra. Just for ladies, so guys please stay away from this one or get one for your lady, she will love it!
Buy this beauty: Om Crown Chakra Shirt.

Namaste Yoga Shirt

Like we already know, not all the t-shirts here are funny, but they are all beautiful. Namaste Yoga tee is beautiful t-shirt for all yoga lovers, are you one? It’s an unisex tee.
Get it here: Namaste Yoga Shirt.

Yoga Tree Tee

This beautiful Yoga Tree shirt is available for men and women, but like with one of the previous examples, because of the lady on it, I would recommend it mainly for yoga ladies. Very beautiful, one color design, just great.
Buy it: Yoga Tree Shirt.

Run Forest, Run! Funny Running Shirts

So you love running? It’s nothing wrong with that, some people do, some people don’t. I mainly run to catch a bus or for a last call but some likes to run for the sake of running, or burning off the crazy – choices are many! You must know that running is ok, very ok.

World's Okayest Runner Tee

… and because running is ok, here is also a shirt for World’s Okayest Runner, this one must be worn by really great people… and ok runners.
Buy Here: World’s Okayest Runner Shirt.

I though they said rum shirt

It happens to all of us. It happened to me and it happened to you, we hear things and people say things, and sometimes both are different things, it happens. I though they said rum happened to be a good excuse for a workout, but certainly if you wear this t-shirt you will be loved on the streets. Did I mention that you don’t actually have to run when you wear it? Funny shirt.
Buy here: I thought they said rum shirt.

I've Got the Runs Shirt

I’ve got the runs something a little more serious, when it comes to running and or maybe just personality. Beautiful t-shirt for those with serious run on their minds.
Buy here: I’ve got the runs shirt.

Running Makes Me Happy. You, not so much shirt

Running makes me happy. You, not so much, sounds harsh, but I guess we all have these days, when you just want to run, simple. It’s a good shirt to push others away for a moment. I would recommend it for ladies, just because of beautiful woman printed on shirt.
Buy here: Running makes me happy. You, not so much t-shirt.

Run Like There's Hot Guy in Front of You Tee

Run like there is a hot guy in front of you and a creepy dude behind you. Shirt for men and women who express their interest in hot guys and t-shirt with sayings. Is it for you?
Buy here: Run like there is a hot guy in front of you and a creepy dude behind you shirt.

I Love My Triathlete Shirt

Something for triathlete lovers, as we all know that running is part of triathlete, so is swimming and running. I Love My Triathlete – Beautiful shirt for great people.
Get one: I love my triathlete t-shirt.

I run, but I run shirt

It’s just a precious t-shirt for a slow runner, but the slow runner in this t-shirt must be cool and that’s what matters. I run… I’m slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter… but I run t-shirt not just for an average, slow runner.
Buy one here: I Run… I’m slower than a herd of turtles… shirt.

Run Now Wine Later T-Shirt

There are two things you need in life, to run and to have some wine in a specific order, run now wine later, don’t mess it up, the best way is just to run to get the wine. For ladies only. Do not think I do try to promote alcohol consumption in here in any, but any way… but personally, I like wine.
Buy here: Run Now Wine Later Shirt.

I'm Running for a Cause T-Shirt

Just because the previous one was just for ladies, we have this one funny running t-shirt for men, that run for a cause. If there is a cause, it’s good reason to run indeed. This t-shirt can help you to get to your destination on time! This one also comes in women’s cut.
Buy here: I’m running for a cause. I have to poop shirt.

I Run to Burn Off the Crazy Ladies Shirt

I run to burn off the crazy t-shirt is a great choice for ladies that not only want to run they must run! For the sake of others.
Buy here: I run to burn off the crazy tee.

I Run to Burn Off the Crazy Men's Shirt

Surprise! I run to burn off the crazy for men. They deserve they own style and so they have one here. I like this blue color.
Buy one: I run to burn off the crazy shirt.

Tennis Time. Funny Shirts for Tennis Lovers

Tennis is one of those sports when everything depends only on one player, you! You cannot count on anybody else, there is only one person you can trust… unless playing doubles. However, here we have some funny and a little more serious t-shirts for tennis lovers, and you guessed right, we will start with the funny ones!

Your Wife, My Wife Shirt

Your wife, my wife! funny tennis shirt for guys proud of their tennis wives. Who wouldn’t be, right?
Available here: Your wife, my wife shirt.

I'm a Tennis Addict T-Shirt

Are you a tennis addict? No problem, just head to the court. Beautiful choice for fans of shirts with cool sayings.
Buy here: I’m a tennis addict tee.

I Live to Serve Shirt

I live to serve, a gentle humour but how good looking this t-shirt is. I certainly can imagine a lot of people wearing it.
Buy one here: I live to serve shirt.

Tennis and Wine Shirt

It seems like I go on wine over and over again, but how can you not go on about wine if it’s such a cute shirt, it’s an honest, and a very good excuse. For ladies as we can all tell from the saying.
Listed: Tennis and wine kind of girl shirt.

I'm a Tennis Grandma Shirt

Something cool for a cool tennis grandma, and it’s actually a great gift for a grandma that loves tennis.
Available here: I’m a Tennis Grandma shirt.

I'm a Tennis Mom Tee

I couldn’t forget about our lovely mom’s, tennis mom’s to be exact. Seems like mom and grandma are both happy now with those 2 choices.
Buy it here: I’m a tennis mom tee.

Tennis T-Shirt

I had to share something that has no saying on it and graphic focused and here is the one. Would you wear this tee to play tennis?
Available here: Tennis t-shirt.

I Play Tennis to Burn off the Crazy Shirt

Another one for the crazy one. Most probably you have already noticed how sports help many to deal with their craziness. It’s perfectly normal to be crazy.
Buy it here: I play tennis to burn off the crazy t-shirt.

Even More Tees for Your Workout

So you thought it was all? Not yet! There are some more beautiful choices out there. If you need more, here is a great collection of a 100 t-shirts for your workout, I’m sure you will find something of value.

And if use Pinterest, you can actually save a very cool looking pin of that collection! That’s a nice looking pin, right?

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