T-Shirts Are Certainly Best Gifts for Vegans

Vegan T-Shirts

Cause it’s simply hard to go wrong with them. But that’s not the only reason. But let’s start somewhere, so let’s state it, t-shirts are certainly great gifts for vegans, especially if they are vegan t-shirts (duh!).

That’s great if you’re vegan, however, if you’re not you might want to read very important reasons why people go vegan (opens in new tab) and I admit, they are great reasons.

If you’re vegan, you just found a great place to find a t-shirt for yourself to promote go vegan movement.

If you’re not vegan, this post will be a great place to find a gift for your vegan friend, cause we all know, like mentioned earlier already… t-shirts are great gifts for vegans, and vegans love t-shirts, what a beautiful coincidence.

Beautiful Vegan T-Shirts When You Care for Animal Rights

Go Vegan T-Shirts to Protect Animal Rights

Here are our choices and you must admit, these t-shirts are pretty awesome! Just “Hail the Kale” and go vegan!

Caring for Animals Isn't What I Do, It's Who I Am T-Shirt

Caring for Animals Isn’t What I Do, It’s Who I Am
Get it here: Caring for Animals Isn’t What I Do, It’s Who I Am Tee
This t-shirt has been chosen to be the first one, cause it’s a great addition to the article shared earlier on important reasons of going vegan, and it’s just beautifully cute, if that makes sense.

Don't Ask Me Why I'm Vegan, Ask Yourself Why You're Not T-Shirt

Don’t Ask Me Why I’m Vegan, Ask Yourself Why You’re Not
Get it here: Don’t Ask Me Why I’m Vegan, Ask Yourself Why You’re Not T-Shirt
Great t-shirt with very cool saying, or maybe I should say… with an important question to ask oneself?

Hail to the Kale T-Shirt

Hail to the Kale
Get it here: Hail to the Kale T-Shirt
It’s certainly one of my favorite vegan t-shirts, very simple yet super funny, for my “strange” humor. Vegans should be falling in love with this one.

I'm Calm I'm Vegan T-Shirt

I’m Calm I’m Vegan
Get it here: I’m Calm I’m Vegan T-shirt
It’s very curvy, beautiful, clean and flowery. Certainly a very pretty t-shirt.

Keep Calm and Go Vegan T-Shirt

Keep Calm and Go Vegan
Get it here: Keep Calm and Go Vegan Tee
We all know there had to be place for “Keep Calm” type of tee. Very greenish.

Keep Calm Plants Have Protein T-Shirt

Keep Calm, Plants Have Protein
Get it here: Keep Calm, Plants Have Protein T-shirt
That’s right, it’s another “Keep Calm” t-shirt, what a beautiful surprise.

King of the Underground Tee

King of the Underground
Get it here: King of the Underground T-Shirt
Who’s the king of underground? Many vegans and vegetarians would agree that carrot would be the one, what’s your call?

Vegan Beast T-Shirt

Vegan Beast
Get it here: Vegan Beast T-Shirt
What kind of vegan beast are you? Very meaningful message.

Vegan, Powered by Plants T-Shirt

Vegan, powered by plants
Get it here: Vegan, powered by plants t-shirt
Very simple, positive and super cute t-shirt that speaks loud.

Vegan T-shirt

Vegan T-shirt
Get it here: Vegan T-shirt
Wonderful design, great for vegan or vegetarian who loves those veggies that go deep into the ground. Great graphic.

Vegan T-Shirt

Vegan T-Shirt
Get it here: Vegan T-Shirt
The last in this collection, and straight to the point. “Vegan”, for proud vegan.

Worth Checking

Here I shared with you 11 t-shirts that should serve well as gift ideas for vegans, however if you’re looking for bigger selection of apparel, please check 51 t-shirts for vegans (opens in new tab).

go vegan, we are all animals. T-shirt gifts for vegans.

We have also created a pin for this post (so don’t forget to pin it), and I love how it shows that we are all animals. If you can’t go vegan forever, maybe try to go vegan for a day?

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